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Excerpts from AlwaysWin®
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How You Can Win

When you are faced with a crisis, a mess, or an opportunity, the only question you have to ask is, “How can I win in this situation?”

You live in a chaotic world where one never knows what is going to happen next. In most cases, we are not prepared for a negative surprise or an emergency. Our first reaction to a crisis is to think the worst and see all doors closed and locked. The sooner you ask how can I win, the sooner you will get control of yourself and begin the process of unlocking the door.

When you are dealing with a crisis, you won’t have all your wits about you but you can have enough focus to limit the damage, begin to regain your composure, regroup, and win. If you have been unexpectedly fired, the first thing you should say to yourself is where would I like to work and what is the first step in generating an interview? Saying how will I pay my bills, or I will not find another position, won’t lead to your next job.

Determination to overcome a tragedy or a mess and taking advantage of an opportunity require realistic positive thinking, which will get you where you want to go faster. When you are negative and angry, you will be distracted. It’s better to wear sunglasses to block out the bright light than to put up a big umbrella to keep the raindrops off your tear laden face.

It’s better to be prepared when you face a crisis than getting down on your knees and begging for mercy.


Reprinted from:

AlwaysWin®: Walk Away a Winner® From Any Situation or Circumstance

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