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Always Win Cover

When you have defeated rejection, it will not matter whether the economy is good or bad for someone else; the economy will be good for you. You will prosper when others are living in fear.

In the toughest of times determined people are getting jobs, being promoted, going into business and expanding their businesses. Prepared people are finding niches and opportunities while other people are barely holding on, or are looking for early retirement. While the world may be topsy-turvy, you won’t be if you are ready to win.

You are living in a time of unparalleled career and business opportunities. More of us have gone into business for ourselves and have become free agents. Everyone is invited to join the party: men, women, minorities, people with disabilities, young and old, and people weaning themselves from public assistance. You can work from home, an office, a caf├ę, a cubicle at Kinko’s, over the Internet, on a train, a plane, a yacht, or the beach at 11:00 a.m. or 11:00 p.m.

Today you can work for General Motors or for yourself. You can work by the hour, the day, the project, the year; the choice is yours. When you haven’t defeated rejection, you will spend too much time putting out fires and merely surviving, rather than building your career or business. I want you to be a total success and enjoy the fruits of your education and labor.


Reprinted from:

AlwaysWin®: Walk Away a Winner® From Any Situation or Circumstance

Windfall Entertainment, New York

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